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Curtis Allen Designs has been a local interior remodeling and design competitor in Lee County for close to forty years. As a third-generation company and small business, our success has stemmed from a combination of the quality of our services and referral advertising due to project dedication. We carry many popular brands, offer design consultation in a showroom setting, and provide a more personal level of service unparalleled by corporate companies.

Why Hire an Interior Designer?

We acknowledge that remodeling can be a stressful process. If you’ve never been involved in a redesign, we strongly recommend hiring a professional to alleviate some overwhelming aspects of the process. For instance, a professional interior designer will help you decide on how to use your space effectively, incorporate your existing accessories, and determine a plan to execute the design based on your budget and schedule.

Professional interior design will help maintain the character of your space and highlight the features of your home which make it unique. Assisting in choosing everything from the major elements to the minute details, your design professional can educate you on the current trends and style perimeters to follow so your space stays fresh and inviting.

Curtis Allen Designs maintains a competitive edge by continually educating our experts on the demands of modern design. We follow trends in products, mediums, and textiles and carry the leading brands in the remodeling industry. Our showroom boasts all materials needed to complete a full home remodel, giving our clients the opportunity to not only imagine, but also see and feel the materials in person during the selection process.

What to Expect

We know that behind every great dream, there is a realistic budget. For some, the dream and the budget are not as closely knit. For the rest of us, there are affordable companies like Curtis Allen Designs to create a space that we can dream about, while not reaching the lint in our pockets. As a courtesy to our potential clients, we provide free in-home estimates.

Curtis Allen Designs takes pride in the ability to transform the ordinary into extraordinary. The way we achieve this is by creating a custom project plan that allows maximum functionality and incorporates details specific to our client’s dream and budget respectively. This step allows for the discussion of options and ensures that our client’s project goals are communicated thoroughly.

We understand that while most of our clients have a vision of what they would like to convey in their space, some clients are searching for a way to convey it. The design consultation process allows us to discover our client’s ideals, personality and lifestyle, whilst giving our client the opportunity to learn about available options for their space and discover their own personal style.

During certain remodeling phases, there may be times when it is necessary for us to request the project location be vacant to complete the process efficiently. We do this for a few reasons: first and foremost, we do not want to cause hardship or inconvenience to our clients; secondly, the ‘wow’ factor of a finished product feels so much better for our clients when they’re not living in a construction zone, seeing daily progress. When considering a remodel, a good question to ask the project manager is if you will need to make such arrangements.

When your project is in the final phases, you will see everything coming together that may have otherwise been hard for you to imagine. This is the exciting moment you and your remodeling professional have both been looking forward to. Your furniture is delivered or replaced, window treatments are up, and it feels like a new home. You have the ability see and feel your new space in a different light, and you are ready to sit back and relax or call a few friends over.

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Our Services

Years of Expertise

Get Cooking in the Kitchen

The best way to add functionality, appeal and value to your home is to remodel the kitchen. It is the room where families come together, heirloom recipes are tried and perfected, memories are made, and the main reason home buyers choose one home over another. Since your kitchen should reflect your lifestyle, it is important to convey your personality within its design.

A few elements of design that can take a kitchen from drab to fab are as follows; new cabinetry and hardware, a decorative backsplash, new appliances, and flooring. If you find that your kitchen design lacks something but you’re not sure what, Curtis Allen Designs can help you decide which type of update will make your favorite cooking space truly unique to you.

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Achieve Personal Zen

If there is only one room in a home where our clients may find complete solace, we find that it is their bathroom. This is where relaxing in a soak tub, experiencing a hydro massage in a custom spa shower, and the secrets of beauty all take place. This space should be your own personal zen.

A few upgrades that will make your bathroom feel more relaxing are; a double comfort height vanity, a spa-inspired shower, updated fixtures, cabinetry, hardware, and new flooring. We carry a variety of products that will transform your bathroom into the sweet escape you’ve been craving.

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Become the Great Entertainer

We at Curtis Allen Designs know that if there is one thing that draws our favorite friends and family members over for a visit, it’s the comfortability of the space in which we host them. It’s our ability to multi-task holding conversation while taking the turkey out of the oven and keeping an eye on the big game. It’s the way our kitchen always smells of fresh cookies, their favorite chair in our living room, and the afternoon sunlight that presents a perfect spot for a nap on our lanai.

People love to come to a home that is beautiful, clean, and where they can easily spend the day. Curtis Allen Designs can help transition any room to include the elements that make a home a retreat for guests. From color to texture, fabric to furnishings, window treatments to wall coverings—the details of your personality will make a statement in your uniquely tailored design.

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