Bathroom Design

   One of the most popular rooms in a home to be designed and remodeled is the bathroom. Our Clients view this room as the one place in their home where they feel able to relax-- either in a soaking tub, jacuzzi, or a spa shower. It is the most used room in the home as well; so having a personalized design that works well for a homeowner, their family and guests is the most important aspect of a design. Curtis Allen Designs offers custom designs to include modern luxury options, safety or mobility features, and other personalized details to reflect our Client's lifestyle and help them achieve zen.     

Kitchen Design

   The second most popular room in a home to be designed and remodeled is the kitchen. Our clients use this space for entertaining family and friends; so ease in navigation plays a major role in the ability to execute dishes, while having enough space is crucial to hosting a great event efficiently. Cooking is more pleasurable with an island for preparation, state-of-the-art appliances which offer the latest technology while conserving energy, and accommodating storage.