Interior Design Planning

   As with any great achievement, there must first be a great plan. This is the fundamental element of an interior design or remodeling project, as the outcome of each phase is dependent upon the one before it. From the complimentary estimate we provide, our professionals are able to reimagine and redesign the space using a computer-aided drafting program which allows our Clients to envision and approve or make changes to the layout before selecting their project materials. The planning phase ensures that the available space is maximized and functional, eliminating any design errors which may result in DIY projects due to lack of planning or professional knowledge. 

Interior Lighting Design

   The best way to show off great art in a special area of your home, highlight certain features, or set ambiance is with the proper lighting plan. This ensures equal distribution and the right amount of light in a given area. While some rooms may call for bright or natural looking light, others are best served with a warm glow of softer light. If your concerns are to conserve energy, there are plenty of options available to allow for a more eco-friendly lighting plan which will eventually put money back into your pocket. Other concerns that can be corrected with a proper lighting plan include: safety and mobility for all ages, safeguarding the home from intruders while away, and accommodating color blindness.