Design Project Consultation

   Most people know their home needs some improvements, and in some cases they are able to make them on their own. For the average homeowner, however, professional help is necessary for many reasons. To determine which services you may need or for a better understanding of a project and all of its' requirements, elements, and the process to complete it; Curtis Allen Designs offers interior design and remodeling consultation. We can advise on how to properly execute a project; educate on current remodeling or design trends, mediums and technology; help Clients find their own personal style preferences, provide guidance on accessorizing a space; and determine how to best utilize a given space.    

Mobility & Safety Modifications

   When considering features to include in a home design or remodel, safety and mobility modifications usually aren't top priority for most people. These features can be negatively associated with being ill or the difficulties that may come with age-- but they aren't necessarily intended for those purposes. Safety features such as stairway railings and shower grab bars are intended to prevent injury to anyone, at any age or condition. Including Stability or mobility features into a home design makes your home easy to visit. For instance, adding a ramp to your entry will allow for loved ones who are temporarily or permanently using a wheelchair to access your home. This makes your home more marketable as well, if you are considering selling. Ask our AIP Specialists which safety features should be incorporated into your remodel.