Full Home Remodeling

   After having the kitchen and bathroom redesigned and one finds that the improvements have significantly changed   the way they feel about their new spaces, our Clients typically ask how to improve other favorite rooms in the home. Bedrooms are a choice room to have designed due to the solitude, comfort, and personal space most people crave after a long day. Living areas are designed to accommodate immediate household members and guests, offering technology and entertainment features. An open concept layout  and design allows for more room, while keeping these spaces separate. 

Additions and Enclosures

   A great way to add space and value to your home, to create the perfect space without relocating, or to allow for a growing family or multigenerational living without the hassle of house hunting and labors of moving, is to add on to your current home. Sometimes it is possible to remodel the existing space to create more rooms, but when it comes to needing extra square footage, an addition or enclosure may be the answer to an issue. The extra space is especially nice for clients who entertain regularly, have children or parents who stay over frequently, or are providing in-home care for someone.